2023 Track Wrap Up

2023 CYC track was back to business as usual, after 3 unusual seasons. 3 prelims were held and completed with no delays. Finals at De Smet on May 13 were humming along until thunderstorms and lightning shut things down. After a 3-hour delay, we were back on the track and completed the meet at 7:30PM.

SCL fielded a strong team. We had 79 athletes sign up and 65 compete at our prelim meet at Cardinal Ritter HS on April 29. As has become routine for SCL, we welcomed boys & girls, K-8, from 5 different parishes & 19 different schools. All of our athletes performed amazing. Most had PR’s even if they did not qualify for finals. Top 6 individuals & relays qualify out of each prelim to finals. It was a tough road.

We had 49 athletes move on to the final meet. Again, most of the athletes had PR’s. Our relays were outstanding. At finals, the top 6 individuals & relays score points & are awarded ribbons or medals. Here are our award winners: 6th: JP & Isabella; 5th: Ben, Elaina, Lily, Corbin, Edmund, 10-11G 4x100(Abigail, Abigail, Eve, Izzy), 12-13B 4x100(Jack, Lewis, Eli, Jonny) 14-15G 4x100(Norah, Sadie, Isabella, Elaina), 14-15B(Ben, Lucas, Leo, Owen); 4th: Corbin, Sophia, Maribel; 3rd: JP, Blake, Morgan, Justin, 12-13 4x200(Lewis, Eli, Jack, Corbin);2nd: Owen, Justin, Corbin, Ben, Maribel, Halle Kay, Alix, Sophia, 14-15B 4x200(Owen, Ben, Leo, Lucas); 1st: 14-15G 4x200(Morgan, Alix, Sophia, Halle Kay), 14-15B 4x400(JP, Nick, Edmund, Justin); 1st with a new CYC record in the 12-13G running long jump: Halle Kay

There were 45 teams and 2100 athletes total. SCL finished 5th in the large school division. Our 14-15 boys finished 1st in their age group while our 14-15 girls finished 2nd.

Congrats to these award winners, all finals competitors and ALL runners on the SCL 2023 track team.