RCIA - Become Catholic

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

“…We long for the day when you will join us at the table of the Lord
to share in the fullness of His life-giving Sacraments…”-taken from the Rite of Acceptance

The RCIA is a faith process to initiate adult candidates into the spiritual life of the Roman Catholic Church. This journey of faith begins each year at St. Catherine Laboure in September.

The RCIA program is for adults unbaptised, baptized, or non-Catholic Christians who seek full communion with the Catholic Church, as well as baptized, but uninstructed Catholics. Our classes begin at the 9:00 Mass on Sunday morning and last until about 11am.

During the meetings, the candidates are accompanied by clergy and Catholics who share their knowledge and love of the Church. These various presentations by Catechists (priests and lay ministers) are the foundations of the faith journey. Through the various Rites in the program, the parish as a whole supports, prays, and celebrates this journey of faith with these candidates.

If you are interested in the Catholic Faith and wish to learn more about the St. Catherine Laboure RCIA program, please contact the rectory. We will be glad to answer your questions.