SCL Update on Covid-19 safety mandates

Posted on July 17, 2020 in: General News

SCL Update on Covid-19 safety mandates

Update on Covid-19 safety mandates

We have recently received mandates from St. Louis County and St. Louis Archdiocese regarding face coverings.  If you are on the grounds here at SCL you are to be wearing a mask (face covering) - children below 9 years of age are exempted.

There are several other exemptions: 

Landscape volunteers while working need not wear masks, but they are not to interact with anyone unless a mask is put on.

If you are exercising and are keeping physical distancing, you need not wear a mask, but as with the landscape workers, if you interact with anyone else, you must put on a mask.

Parish and school workers when alone at their workstations can remove masks but should wear them whenever they are moving about in the building or are on parish grounds. 

People at Meetings e.g. funeral preparation or marriage preparation or meetings with fewer than 8 people can remove masks though we encourage their use, this assumes that no meeting will take place without physical distancing rigorously being observed.

As you observe these mandates we will observe you reverencing the health and safety of others and yourself.


Sue Spaeth and Fr. Jim