It was a summer morning many years ago.  The pews at our then-home parish were filled with families and friends. The Woodses were among them, as our son Brian was one of six babies to be baptized.

Presiding over the sacramental rite -- and directing the "traffic" of all those families entering and leaving the sanctuary -- was one of the parish's permanent deacons.  Did he ever make joyful calm out of noisy chaos!  Later, I learned about how he also formed an RCIC program for teens children, the curriculum geared specifically toward them -- a first for that parish.  

He inspired me to want to find out more about a deacon's mission of serving God and His Church in ways great and small.  Was I also being called by the Holy Spirit to become a deacon?

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate is holding Information Nights on Tuesday, Oct. 27th and Thursday, Nov. 5th at 7 p.m. at the Cardinal Rigali Center in Shrewsbury for men who want to find out more about this vocation.  Their wives are very much encouraged to join them.

Deacons, their wives, and candidates will speak about the roles of deacons in our Archdiocese and in today's Church; how being a deacon both affects and enriches his family life; eligibility requirements for applicants; and an overview of the five-year formation program.

The next class of applicants will begin their formation in September 2021.

Let me stress this: Merely attending an Information Night does not obligate you to apply for the formation program.  Just the same, these sessions are vitally helpful in discerning where the Holy Spirit might well be leading you.

Myself, I think you'd be a great deacon!  

Questions?  Please e-mail me at

Peace be with you!