A Message from Father Jim Cormack

Posted on November 10, 2020 in: General News

A Message from Father Jim Cormack

Christmas is coming in this year of Covid 19, so I want you to be thinking about how we as a parish will be able to celebrate Christmas as we must distance when together and avoid large crowds in enclosed spaces e.g. Church.

The joy of the mystery of the Incarnation will be no less this year, the needs of the poor and working-class neighbors will be even greater.  You have noticed in the bulletin and on the website that our Vincentian Christmas Program will take place, but in a Covid safe manner.  We won’t be purchasing gifts but rather will be purchasing gift cards so that families can shop for themselves.  So, our opportunity to celebrate the joy of God’s greatest gift to us, his Son taking flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit, by giving gifts to one another and to those in need will be different but still very real, holy and helpful.

We will have 7 Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but our current capacity to welcome people in church at any Mass is 130. We will livestream 2 of the Masses, which once streamed, can then be viewed at any time. Normally on Christmas we have well over 3500 parishioners who come to worship, we will only be able to accommodate in church about 25% of those of you who would normally come.   When we reach capacity at a given Mass, no one else can enter.  If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask the entire time when you are here required for the safety of all, please remain at home and livestream.

Remember no one need attend in person any of the Masses on Christmas, the obligation has been lifted during the pandemic.  Many of you prudently have been staying home and livestreaming during these last 8 months, and we encourage any and all who are older or at high risk to please be safe and join us in prayer by way of the livestream experience.  We encourage families to plan to watch the livestream together as a family on Christmas Eve before evening festivities or on Christmas Day as you gather to celebrate together. Remember livestream Masses can be viewed anytime once they are recorded. We welcome you to share pictures of your family praying together.  (Please send to

Please choose to promote the health of others while staying healthy yourselves by social distancing and livestreaming Mass. Consider this as an act of fasting that we choose to do because we love one another. Later, when we can all be together again, it will not only heighten the experience of worshipping together but will be a better feast of communion with each other, as well as with the Lord by receiving his Body and Blood.

Keep track of updates and more detailed info about our Christmas schedule in the coming weeks at our parish website

Fr. Jim