A Note From Fr. Jim

Posted on March 08, 2021 in: General News

We have had larger numbers of people attending Mass in the last several weeks.  Nicer weather and Lent I suspect have helped in this.  For us to serve you well, I wanted to remind you of a few things and ask for your continued assistance.

We are still operating with a limited number of seats available for churchgoers.  When we reach our mandated limit, we will ask those who come later to either come to another Mass or to make use of the livestream on our parish website.  It is very helpful then to us if you arrive at least a little early, this allows us the ushers to help seat you while trying to maximize available spaces.

We ask that you come with the attitude “I will happily sit wherever you direct me so that we can safely and fully seat our mandated number of parishioners”.  If you are alone or with one other, and like to sit in the back, you will likely take up space where a family of 5,6 or 7 might sit, they might have to split up.  You’d be surprised at what more you might see and hear from up front.  Please be courteous and compliant with our ushers, they have served the parish well over these last 9 months, they have done a hard job well and we are grateful to them.

And yes, we are working at fixing the problems with some of our speakers, we want every spot in church to be fully served with good and adequate sound.

Thanks for your presence and cooperation, we all long for the day when we can be fully together again without the challenge of spreading the virus.  Fr. Jim