Although we are not “finished” with the Covid 19 pandemic yet, given the success of the vaccination campaign which has curtailed the spread of the virus in the community, we are now able to resume with safety, some activities.  It is our hope that the day school will return to its ordinary footprint, and that we will no longer need to be in a single use mindset for our parish campus.  At present we anticipate this to be determined very soon.

First, we ask your kindness, forbearance, and understanding.  Currently our mandates require that those who are unvaccinated including children must wear masks when on campus and engaged in any activity.  We remind all that while we encourage all who can receive the vaccine to do so, there are various reasons some cannot. Also, some will continue to wear masks as an extra layer of protection and precaution.  Remember especially our younger children who are not yet able to be vaccinated; long haul covid 19 especially for children, is serious and insidious.

We are now able to use our confessional rooms in church once again, all unvaccinated please mask up.

We will begin to pray the Miraculous Medal Novena after the 8:15am Mass again.  We will start this on June 16.

We will conclude communion in cars after the 5pm Mass on Saturday and 8:15am Mass on Wednesday.  June 12 will be the last day we will offer this.  As more and more folks are coming to Mass very few are coming for Communion in cars.  We remind those who are still leery of crowds that weekday Masses are not crowded.

We hope to “restart” our Eucharistic Adoration by returning to the chapel and having adoration daily.  While it is highly unlikely that we will immediately return to perpetual adoration as we did prior to shut down, we are hopeful that the adoration chapel can reopen for extended hours.  We ask that masked unvaccinated adorers social distance while in the chapel and that no more than 4 unvaccinated adorers use the chapel at one time.

Please remember this will be a gradual process, so anticipate changes and return to be ongoing.  We encourage all to visit the parish website regularly to be well informed about our reopening.