Continuing News on our Rolling Reopening

Most Reverend Mitchell Rozanski, the Archbishop of St. Louis has informed the archdiocese that the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday (Sat eve and Sunday) will resume on July 1.  This is a judgment call, balancing safety protocols for the mitigation of the virus, and the real need and value of our worshipping together at the Eucharist of Word and Sacrament. (see the Archdiocesan website for a message from the Archbishop)

Mass is preeminent and central (the font and summit) in our spiritual lives, the obligation to come together and fully participate and worship flows from this, therefore like anything that is essential, it is not to be lightly disregarded.

Yet for some there continue to be circumstances that are both reasonable and honest that preclude in person attendance, (e.g. those sick, homebound, immunocompromised, etc.) this has always been true, but the pandemic heightened our awareness of this.  We will continue to livestream the 5pm and 9am Masses for them.

Families with children not yet able to be vaccinated may well find the decision to come a challenge, we urge honest and reasonable deliberation about when the time is right to return.

Other things to know:

We will continue to have several sections in church designated for those who must continue to mask and distance, especially Families.

We may soon return to using several extraordinary Ministers of Communion (who will be masked while giving out communion), we will not be returning to the use of servers for the time being.

We will not yet return to Communion by both kinds. (bread and wine)

At St. Catherine’s reception of communion is reverently done in the hand, those who insist on communion on the tongue must come to the priest only and be at the very end of the communion line per Archdiocesan guidelines.

The sign of peace will remain touch free.

We most likely will return to missalettes at the beginning of Advent, we will continue to project some Mass parts and song words on the front wall of church.

Our choirs will begin to return soon.

The baptismal font will be filled with water and running. Soon we will return to Baptisms with several families together at 2pm on Sunday, but for the time being we will continue the one family at a time at 1:30 and 2:15pm on Sunday.  Later we hope to resume baptisms during Mass.

We will not yet return to passing baskets for the collection during Mass.  Most all have been wonderful in the use of envelopes and online giving.  We have baskets located by the baptismal font and ask you to use these for your weekly contribution as you enter or leave Mass.

Fr. Jim and Fr. Charlie will return to greeting you before and after Masses.

We have and will continue to encourage all who are able to be vaccinated to do so, if you have questions ask your health care provider for wisdom and advice.  The church has fully approved the vaccinations and has answered carefully questions about the morality of their use.  If you are not yet vaccinated for whatever reason, the Archdiocese mandates that you must follow CDC guidelines, be thoughtful about your health, be vigilant about Covid 19 symptoms, mask while in church the entire time, and social distance.  We realize this is a sacrifice and gratefully thank you for you care and concern for others and yourself.

June 12 is the last time for communion in cars.  If you are not able or not yet ready to return to Mass and would like someone to bring communion to you weekly, please contact Sue Tumminia here at SCL 8433245 ext 212

As noted in the first News to Know communication in the bulletin and on the website, there is info regarding confessions, communion in cars, the miraculous medal novena, Adoration chapel reopening,