Christmas 2021 at St. Catherine

Posted on December 15, 2021 in: General News

Christmas 2021 at St. Catherine

Christmas 2021 St. Catherine Laboure

Over these last 21 months, I have followed the suggestions and guidelines from the Archdiocese, the CDC, County government and health department to make our worship together at St. Catherine’s as safe as possible during a worldwide pandemic.  To my knowledge, no one has contracted Covid while here in church.  Many parishioners have had Covid but they did not get it here, we were choosing safety for a purpose.

Things are much different this year than last Christmas, most of you have wisely chosen to receive the vaccination, guidance about distancing, contact etc. have evolved and changed.  Last year, I encouraged most of you to celebrate Christmas with family and friends while livestreaming our Christmas Masses. The overwhelming majority of you complied and I was grateful to know that you didn’t “miss” Christmas Mass, you just encountered it by way of livestream.  The Archbishop had granted dispensation which remained in place for longer than a year.

We will have the following Mass schedule for Christmas and we will livestream all Masses in Church.

Christmas Eve, December 24:

4pm in bth Church and Parish Hall



Christmas Day, December 25:





(there will be no 5pm Mass on Christmas day)

It is evident to me that we will be unable to safely seat crowds that would normally come to Christmas Masses especially the ones in the afternoon, early evening on Christmas Eve.  That said, we will be able to accommodate hundreds of you in person.  As pastor, I can offer specific dispensation from Mass attendance for specific dates for good reason.  So, I am offering this dispensation to you for Christmas Mass asking that you gather as family as you are able and prayerfully and joyfully livestream our worship if you judge the environment of a full church to be challenging.  I am happy to welcome those who come, hoping no one will be turned away once we reach capacity.  It appears we will not have a white Christmas always a pastor’s hope.

God bless,

Fr. Jim