Team Formation Pilot Program

Team Formation Pilot 2.0 – 2024-2025

Instructional: No Change

5th-8th Grades:

Continue with Self-Declaration during Registration (Removal of the “No-Declaration” option)

Should the number of registrants allow for multiple teams then:

The Director of each sport will review the declaration count to evaluate the number of participants selecting Competitive vs Recreational

If a team split is confirmed, and the number of players registers exceeds the recommended team size (Competitive Only), the Director will meet with registered coaches on alignment and recommendations.

If agreement cannot be made, the Board will host a 1-hour evaluation session per grade/per sex**;

This will include all players that selected “Competitive”

This will be hosted and selected with an external evaluator to determine which participants will play on which team

The evaluation process will result in players being placed onto an team based on the appropriate skill level

If a coach’s child is not selected for the competitive team, the coach is welcome to coach, but being a volunteer coach does not automatically place your child on that team

We understand each child develops at a different pace, so we plan for evaluations to take place each year, if the above criteria are met based on declarations.

**Rules of engagement are currently being drafted and will be published prior to sessions being scheduled.