Team Formation Pilot Program

The Athletic Board is taking this time to review past practices and look to optimize our CYC SCL Student-Athlete experience as we evolve into this brave new world.

As part of our mission, we are looking to ensure the following remain front and center at SCL:

  • Inclusive for all Parishioners and their families
  • Continue to grow our student-athletes – Sportsmanship, Confidence, Sports IQ, all in a Catholic perspective
  • Reduce Player attrition

For your awareness, we wanted to communicate some of the changes we are piloting our Fall programs:


Randomized Team Assignments for Instructional Sports

  • Removal of the previous "Team Drafting" practice
  • Teams will be randomly assigned by the Athletic Board; Coaches and Asst Coaches may be randomized as well
  • One Head Coach and One Asst. Coach will be designated; All volunteers beyond the two coaches will follow where their student-athlete is assigned

This will allow for new experiences for our kids to meet new people, and get out of their comfort zone of current friends and coaches they may already know

Upon entering 5th grade, we will begin to survey all families to ask for a self-designation** of their Student Athlete(s).   This survey will inquire which competitive environment best fits your student athlete - Competitive, Recreational, No Preference (No Preference being the option your child will placed based on team numbers)

5th grade is our starting point, as this is when CYC designates the start of league designations - "Competitive", "Recreational A", "Recreational B"

By 5th grade, our players and parents should have an indication of which sports and what competition level their athletes can compete at - Competitive level, Rec A level, Rec B level; For example, if your child/children are playing sports to engage in the social aspects of the community, perhaps Rec C is the place for them, and we encourage that

Upon the self-declaration, our Athletic Board will then host a "Draft", using the submissions as a guiding light;  

6-8th Grades:  The 5th grade draft results will continue to be our foundational teams for future years; 

However, based on self-declaration and player registration, these teams may need to be slightly optimized every season.  These changes will be mutually agreed upon between the SCL Athletic Board and grade-specific coaches

There will NOT be a new draft every year

Self Declaration

Submissions are not guaranteed

There are many moving parts to creating a large volume of teams, and ensure the teams are being placed in the correct league

Submissions will be sport to sport, year to year;  meaning, if you wish to move your student-athlete from a competitive environment to a recreational, you can absolutely make that shift; and vice versa, if you wish to play in the competitive CYC leagues, we can support that as well.

The opportunity for recreational declaration is to have the opportunity to continue to develop in a positive practice environment, AND have the opportunity to get more game playing experience by potentially playing on a leaner roster size

We appreciate your patience and support as we work to grow the SCL Athletic Community for the future.

If you wish to offer feedback or suggestions, feel free to respond to this email for consideration.

We also have plenty of opportunities to volunteer if you wish to be a part of this journey.