Marquis Club

Welcome To The SCL Marquis Club,

We have all “chosen” SCL for one reason or another, so there is definitely a foundation of similarity that we can build upon.  The Marquis Club is a fundraiser sponsored by the SCL Men’s Association, with the primary goal of supporting youth activities in the parish.  In the Fall we sponsor a Dinner/Dance for the members.  The Club has been in existence since 1987.  Please click on the link to read more information about this exciting club.

PJ Perucca - 314-707-3194

Tom Tegethoff - 314-302-3650

Kevin Price - 314-368-5415

Jeff Kohlberg - 223-0193

Scott Piedmont - 314-471-8760

February Monthly Drawing Winners - Matt and Bridgette Barnhart ~ $100 / Matt and Tanya Walters ~ $50