SCL Needs you
August 15, 2023

SCL Needs you

SCL Parish NEEDS Hospitality Ministers 
Is God Calling YOU to this MINISTRY of HOSPITALITY? 
Currently, our parish has awesome Ministers of Hospitality, but we need more! Whether you are an individ-
ual, family, ministry, organization, sports team, etc. the parish would love for you to sign up to help with 
this very important ministry. What a wonderful way to put GOD first in our lives and to teach our children by 
being an example for them. Seeing children greeting and welcoming people as they arrive at church just 
doesn’t get any better.  
Ministers of Hospitality perform duties such as:  
•  opening the church doors for parishioners and visitors  
•  greeting parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass 
•  ushering as needed 
•  assist with the collection 
•  making sure that the musicians receive communion 
•  assist the elderly and the handicapped 
•  ask parishioners to bring up the offertory gifts 
•  pass out the bulletins at the conclusion of Mass 
•  straighten up the pews after Mass 
The parish wants and needs you to worship with us so that together we can build the Kingdom of God. We 
are inviting YOU, YOUR family, YOUR group, YOUR ministry, YOUR organization, YOUR sports team, etc. 
to join this ministry.   
Please prayerfully consider signing up as a family or an individual for the Ministry of Hospitality. Please email 
Sue Tumminia at or call the parish office at 314-843-3245 ext. 212 
I look forward to hearing from you. I will only schedule you for the Mass that you sign up for.