Liturgy of the Word for Children (LWC) Volunteer Teachers Needed
September 07, 2023

Liturgy of the Word for Children (LWC) Volunteer Teachers Needed

LWC is an extension of the main assembly celebration. It draws children into the liturgy at their own level which will enable them to participate and understand what is proclaimed in the celebrations.

LWC is for children in grades 1 through 4 and takes place at the 10:30 am Mass on Sundays throughout the year except for holiday weekends and one weekend per month (during the school year) when the parish has a children's liturgy. We currently have 7 teachers in this ministry and could use many more.

Before the readings, the celebrant will call the children (grades 1 through 4) to the front of the sanctuary, give them a blessing and send them forth with their teachers. They will go to the church meeting room where they will hear the readings from the children's lectionary. It is a continuation of the Mass at a level the children can understand.

The teacher either prepares an activity to reinforce the message from the readings or discusses the message with the children and applies it to their everyday life. Following the homily, the children say the creed and share their petitions, returning to Mass during the preparation of the gifts.

The commitment and preparation time is minimal. Currently the teachers are scheduled once every 4 - 5 weeks and two are scheduled at a time. Every volunteer must be in full compliance with the safe environment program “Prevent & Protect STL”. Before scheduling, I do ask when you are NOT available and will not schedule you on those weekends. The new schedule will begin in October, 2023 and I schedule three months at a time.

Please prayerfully consider this ministry to our youth. If interested, please email Sue Tumminia, or call the parish office, 314-843-3245 ext. 212.