Following in the footsteps of St. Vincent dePaul, the parish of St. Catherine Laboure supports the Local Advisory Council of DePaul USA for their mission aims to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it.

In November 2017, Depaul USA bought 2 apartment buildings and opened St. Lazare House, the first congregant permanent supportive housing program for chronically homeless young adults (age 18-24) in St. Louis.


Shortly after filling all 15 units, it was discovered that the circuit breaker panels in the building are of the same type that have caused 2,000 fires annually nationwide. These circuit breaker panels need to be replaced or the building insurance could be dropped; triggering the occupancy permit to be revoked which would ultimately force the young adults to lose their housing.


Qualified electricians have estimated the replacement cost at $35,000 which is a significant, unplanned financial burden. The safety of residents is of the utmost importance. The primary concern of this campaign is to raise funds so that this fire hazard can be eliminated ASAP.


Please help to keep the doors open and these young adults safely housed! Every dollar helps, no amount is too small. The SCL parish has made a contribution to this campaign from the poor fund and wanted to pass on this opportunity to you.

The link to this fundraiser can be found on our website:

Or donations can be mailed to: Depaul USA

                                                 St. Lazare House

                                                 2904 Arsenal Street

                                                 St. Louis, MO 63118

                                                  Re: Circuit breaker campaign