Never give in, never never never never give in, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense…Winston Churchill

I’ve a paperweight like this quote, it says 3 times never quit, it’s buried somewhere on my desk, probably because I wanted to quit, and I didn’t want to see it.

So, what must we do to triumph over our pandemic challenge?  The best answer, I would argue the only answer, is to do whatever is necessary.  Now of course the whatever and necessary are defined differently by different people, but all in is the right sentiment; all in and all together is the necessary prescription for success in this effort.

So, I am a good hearted, well intentioned man, I think I can claim this truthfully.  But I am also a flawed individual, sometimes weak and petty, sinful.  I don’t have a stash of all on the poker table of life, I’ve got my limited set of abilities and talents, I can’t deliver whatever is necessary, only that of which I am capable, my best; I can promise that, and then give and give and never never never never give in.

And I can never forget or lose sight of the truth that we humans are social animals, we are unique individuals true enough; but we are an us as well, and when we work together, complimenting and encouraging one another we discover we are much more together than we are separately.

And I can never forget or lose sight of the truth that the day has only 24 hours and then comes another, to begin again, to continue, to give my best that day in that moment.  Goals are essential for we humans, they make us strive and stretch, my reach must exceed my grasp, if not, I’m regressing, not just coasting, but regressing.  I need to know what I am called to be, but am not yet, and choose to become more, we call it grace at work, God’s life and goodness at work in us, among us, all around us. And I need to rest at day’s end so that tomorrow I can begin again and give my best and never give in.

I hear the anguish of many who in this moment are overwhelmed by demands that are simultaneous and necessary and beyond who we are and what we have to give.  Committed to the ones we love, we give our best, but run headlong into the experience that it is not enough, what is necessary is beyond our capabilities, and we are tempted to see ourselves as failing, we are tempted to quit, to give in; It seems it is so hard, and so demanding, and never ending, sleep evades us, rest does not come. At these moments more than ever remember that grace in overflowing abundance is for us from God, and grace under strain grows into commitment and courage. He is with us Emmanuel, He is risen, Christ Jesus the Lord.

So be healthy, positive, prayerful, and now in Eastertime joyful.  See you with your pictures in the pews and as we livestream, see you maybe on the parking lot when I’m working on my steps, may we all filled with God’s grace and our love for each other, never give in

Fr. Jim