A message from Fr. Jim and staff

Posted on April 22, 2020 in: General News

A message from Fr. Jim and staff

You know it is often the small signs of gratitude that have the greatest impact.  You know an “I love you mom”  after a meal of mac and cheese and hot dogs at the end of a challenging and seemingly endless day. 

Well, today 4/22/20 the parish staff got a big sign of thanks, and we are really grateful,  I’m not sure we are quite heroes, but truth be told we do what we do because we love you, and want you to know and feel the power of God’s faithful love for you. 

So thanks so much to the ones who made our day and week and Easter season with your sign and your love. 

Stay healthy everyone, stay positive, be grateful in the midst of challenge and be kind, it helps.  Fr. Jim

We are in this together.