Public Masses permitted again with limitations.  Hi all, hope this message finds you healthy and coping.  We are implementing the directives and guidelines created by the archdiocese out of public health concerns. Please know that the obligation to attend mass on Sunday has been dispensed until further notice. Those who are at high risk because of age or underlying health conditions are strongly encouraged by the Archbishop to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations of the Mass and are encouraged to watch mass livestreamed.

We have been given permission to resume Masses publicly. 

  • We will begin on Monday, May 18th with Mass at both 6:30am and 8:15am. 
  • We can accommodate up to 135 people in the church worship space
  • There will be designated seating marked for households and for individuals.
  • Our first weekend Masses will be on May 23/24 (times to be determined soon as we figure out how long it will take for us to safely clean the church in between masses). 

Please understand that while we will be having Mass, it will be much changed as we implement procedures to insure proper social distancing and good hygiene and social behavior.

  • We are only resuming Masses
  • All SCL campus buildings will continue to be closed as we have informed you. 
  • The church will remain closed during the day after weekday and Weekend Masses. 
  • For May the 18th and weekdays following

When you arrive, remain in your cars until the front doors are propped open circa 15 minutes before Mass begins

  • The church doors facing the large parking lot will be the only doors you can enter.  Please do not congregate in a group, let those in line enter and then come to enter
  • Doors will be closed and locked shortly after Mass begins so ministers can also worship at mass.
  • Social distance reminders will be marked on the cement and in church. Always follow social distancing rules.
  • Take your temperature at home before you come.   
    • If you are sick don’t come.
    • If you are in the high risk groups, we would ask that you continue to watch mass by livestreaming..
  • Someone will escort you into church and lead you to where you may be seated.
  • Wear a mask (this is not an option)
    • if you come without a mask you will not be permitted to enter, this is a necessary kindness for everyone else and mandated.
    • Once you are seated you can remove your mask, you need use it only when you are moving around, e.g. going to communion and when you leave. 
  • Communion is distributed only in the hand with no exceptions.
  • When you come to Mass know that you will be expected to stay until Mass is finished, a friendly reminder,
    • Mass ends after the final hymn not after communion.
    • Obviously, an emergency is another matter.
    • If you are not willing to come on time and stay until the final hymn is finished, please stay home and view the livestream.

I know this sounds arduous, and it is.  We will be learning together as we do this, so please be patient, willing to accommodate the safety of all, and willing to be cooperative.  It will be a challenge at first, but with God’s help we will manage.  Remember, it will be so good to be praying with one another and receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. 

Fr. Jim