Fr. Charlie and I are asking you to follow this procedure when you are at Mass and are going to ask for communion to bring to others who are not able to be at Mass.

We are implementing this procedure to help us in this time of pandemic to manage communion both safely and with the greatest dignity.

We ask if you want bring communion that you wait until Mass is over and stop by the sacristy door and ask the Mass celebrant to help you.  We will proceed to the tabernacle and dispense hosts into the pyx.  Often there are several people wanting to do this, so only one need summon the priest the others should approach the tabernacle with pyx observing social distancing.

This will be a help to Fr. Charlie and myself and will avoid the juggling required now with mask and pyx and your own communion.

We will begin to do this on June 10, just wanted you to know in advance.  Fr. Jim