Posted on November 24, 2020 in: General News

Communion in your car after 5pm Mass Saturday and after 8:15am Mass Wednesday.

It is our intention, weather permitting, to continue to offer you this opportunity to receive Holy Communion. We have had inclement weather recently which forced our cancelation of several opportunities. 

Some things to remember: 

the major determiners of inclement weather are wind and precipitation (snow or rain).  We cannot give communion when there are high winds, the host could be blown away, and when it is raining or snowing, we cannot.

We will announce at the beginning and end of Mass on Saturday and Wednesday if we are not able to give communion in your car, so be watching the livestream Mass for this information.

It is helpful for you to keep your hands inside your car and to hold them flat when we give Communion, if there are several persons receiving the minister will come to the various persons. 

Especially in the winter months your promptness in arriving is helpful so that we need not stand outside in the cold for longer than necessary.


Fr. Jim and Fr. Charlie