Hospitality Ministers (Ushers) Needed at Weekend Liturgies

Posted on September 08, 2021 in: General News

Hospitality Ministers (Ushers) Needed at Weekend Liturgies

Hospitality Ministers (Ushers) Needed at Weekend Liturgies\

The parish is looking for additional hospitality ministers to assist at our weekend liturgies (5 pm Saturday evening, 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am and Noon on Sunday).

Since the church has reopened, we have had a limited amount of hospitality ministers who have done a fantastic job. They have been scheduled several times a month, if not every week. We are hopeful that more ministers can be added to this ministry so that everyone can be rotated monthly instead of weekly or every other week.

At the present time (current pandemic), the duties include greeting people, directing the families with children who are not eligible to be vaccinated yet to the socially distanced sections of the church, and to help those who require additional assistance.
Please consider this ministry.

If interested, please contact Sue Tumminia, . You will only be scheduled at the mass of your choosing.