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This parish-based retreat offers the opportunity to renew your spirituality and prayer life, to strengthen your ACTS Retreatfaith and its application in your daily life, and to build lasting friendships among members of the parish community. Retreats begin on Thursday evening at a local retreat center and end with liturgy on Sunday at SCL. After attending a retreat, there are continuing spiritual opportunities.

To be a team member on future retreats (13 week commitment of faith formation and planning meeting once a week with full participation on the retreat weekend.)

To be a part of a parish CORE team for this ministry (meeting once a month with various duties to complete between meetings).To help with outside activities for the retreats. To participate in committees to help with other spiritual activities for the parish and this specific ministry.

Contact us at with questions or for more information on the ACTS retreat ministry at St. Catherine Laboure, or you may call the Parish Office to have someone return your call.

Our current ACTS Core Team members are:

Jim Brinkmann, Peggy Brinkmann
Mary Lee Burlemann, President
Diane Clements
Will Ebel
Cathy Griner, Paul Griner
Lynn Kersting, Vice President
Kathy Clifton, Mary Droege

Primary Contact: Mary Lee Burlemann
Phone: 314-843-9290

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